How Women Over 50 are Naturally Reducing Inflammation with the EE System!

How Women Over 50 are Naturally Reducing Inflammation with the EE System!

Written by Josh Strayed - Presented by Vortex Energy Spa

Did you know that inflammation affects many women over 50?

Long-term inflammation can lead to health problems like arthritis, heart disease, certain cancers, digestive issues, asthma, mental health disorders, diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Over 60% of women 65 and older face such conditions. 

The Energy Enhancement System (EE System) offers a new way to fight this inflammation and boost health!

Understanding Inflammation & Aging:

As women age, especially past 55, inflammation can last longer and cause harm. This can lead to diseases like arthritis and heart problems. Less estrogen after menopause makes inflammation worse, so managing it is key for health.

A Path to Enhanced Well-being:

The EE System has many benefits for women over 50. It reduces long-lasting inflammation, which is common in older age and linked to diseases like arthritis. The system improves how cells work, leading to better health and less inflammation. It also speeds up healing, reduces stress, and improves sleep, which are all important for controlling inflammation. Plus, it gives more energy and vitality, making women feel younger. Studies show that the EE System’s energy can positively affect the body, supporting these benefits.

Benefits Include:

  • Reduces Chronic Inflammation: Linked to age-related issues, the EE System can lower chronic inflammation.
  • Improves Cellular Health: Enhances communication and energy in cells, reducing inflammatory responses.
  • Boosts Healing and Recovery: Speeds up the body’s natural healing, repairing tissues and organs.
  • Lowers Stress: Helps in reducing the body's stress-related inflammatory response.
  • Improves Sleep: Better sleep quality can lead to lower inflammation levels.
  • Increases Energy: Helps women feel more active and youthful.

Studies presented by Oxford University Press and​​ Fierce Biotech​ on energy therapies show they may help reduce inflammation, improve cell health, and speed up healing.

For instance, research shows that low-frequency energy fields, similar to what the EE System uses, can lessen inflammation, especially after heavy exercise. Also, therapies using pulsed energy fields have been successfully used to treat pain and swelling after surgery, improve blood flow, and help with healing. These treatments have been found to lower inflammation-related markers in the body, suggesting they can help with conditions like degenerative disc disease. 

This research supports that the EE System could be beneficial for women over 50 to manage inflammation and boost their overall health.

Testimonials and Success Stories:

Women over 50 who've used the EE System report significant health improvements, showing its potential in reducing inflammation and enhancing well-being.

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